RFID Innovations

Custom RFID Tags:


Partnered with Impinj Monza chipset, EPI designs tags that perform in extremely challenging environments.


Small sample RFID test tags for field and environmental testing.  EPI provides small batch-quick turnaround.


UHF frequency on metal or in close proximity to creates unique challenges, EPI has designed and tested tags that almost break the laws of physics. 


US Based Manufacturing facility, small to larger scale quantities.


RFID Solutions:


RFID Consulting/Training:

With over 28 years of Lean Manufacturing Technology Integration, we work with our clients to uncover the potential of RFID.


 “The first step in a successful RFID deployment is understanding the technology - what we envisioned was very differnt the installed solution - INVALUABLE Education!”  

—  Steel Manufacturer,  New Castle PA